Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November's classes...

Good morning crafters!!
 As promised here are this month's classes...

Judith is in da hooousse!!!
November 7
That's right crafters!!
One of my favourite fellow teachers is joining us in the studio this Wednesday to teach us some new tricks with ink and paper! We'll be creating our own custom embossing plates as well as two delicious cards and a yummy holiday tag using her awesome techniques as well as the instructions!!
Start your booklet of techniques including samples today!
Don't miss out!! Contact me today to reserve your spot!!
Class fee is $8 and class runs from 7-9pm
Please bring your basic tool kit

Snow themed card class...November 8
Ok...I said it!! That dreaded "S" word!!
But these cards are so cute I couldn't resist!!
Join us in creating these fun and interactive cards using a variety of techniques!!
Class fee is $10 runs from 7-9pm
Please bring you basic tool kit!
Contact me today to reserve your spot!

Fa la la la laaaaaa...
November 14   7-9pm
This set cards just makes me happy...happy enough to sing!
Come and create this set of four cards that's sure to please!
Class fee is $10  or FREE with a $25 SU! order
Please bring your basic tool kit

Bring on the BLING...
November 15    7-9pm
Everybody a little bit of shimmer and shine...especially at this time of year!
Join me in creating these three cards that are sure to light up someone's holiday!
Class fee is $10 or FREE with a $25 SU! order
Please bring basic tool kit
Sign up for your spot today!

The Reason for the Season
November 20   7-9pm
Join me in creating these two beautiful cards...
lots of techniques...lots of WOW in these ones!
Photos just don't do them justice!
Class fee is $12 or FREE with a $30 SU! order
Call me today to reserve your spot!

She's baaaack!!  
November 21    7-9pm
That's right! Judith returns with the next installment of techniques to add to your booklet.
Come and learn all about layering, collage as well as a few other surprises! Don't miss out!
Call today! Class fee is $8
Please bring your basic tool kit

Sweet Treats...November 22
I have to admit...this one looks good and smells good too!! Good enough to eat!! LOL!
Join me in creating these fun shaped cards...perfect for that special someone on your list!
Space is limited so contact me today to reserve your spot!
Class fee is $15 ( or FREE with a $30 SU! order)
7-9pm  Please bring your basic tool kit as well as a heat embossing gun if you have one!

For Someone Sweet...
November 27    7-9pm
This makes a delicious gift for someone special on your list...or just a sweet treat for yourself!
Either way, call today to reserve your spot! We will creating a set of six tags that fit perfectly into...a gingerbread house!! YUM! And as a bonus, you will also go home with an extra gingerbread house for yourself!
Class fee is $15 or FREE when you order the scentsational bundle!
(Check it out in the holiday mini...DELISH!)

And don't forget about this week's special!!

Cate is turning 15 and we're celebrating Stampin Up! style!!
Join me in celebrating this monumentus occassion by taking 15% off all SU! orders placed between November 5 and November 10th!!
Yep!! That includes the annual catalogue as well as the holiday mini!!
Please contact me directly to place your orders as it is an offer from me personally and not thru Stampin up!
Don't miss out!! It'll be over in a blink!!
Call, email or text me today!!

Meanwhile, I'm off to finish making homemade lasagna for my baby girl's special dinner tonight and to decorate the house! Maybe I'll even get to make her a little something...wink!
I hope you get to play a little today too!
 Maybe I'll get to play with you in the studio soon!!
Whatever you do....Create yourself a beautiful day!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Disbelief...and a SWEET DEAL!!!

Well...it seems that life has once again gotten the better of me lately but here we are in a fresh new month and a fresh new week and I'm stoked to share some super exciting news, classes and a fabulous offer with you!!

But first...

This is a big week for us here in the Munro-Curylo home...
Our eldest daughter Caitlin is turning....gulp....FIFTEEN tomorrow!!
Yikes!! How did THAT happen????
It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital...
only moments ago that she said her first word, learnt to walk, run, jump, swim, ride...
and all of the other wonderful things that make her her!!
She truly is one of my most favourite people in this world and I love being her Mom!!
15 years have gone by in a blink...sigh...a wonderful, amazing, incredible blink!!!

I am feeling pretty lucky and I thought I'd share with YOU!!

Join me in celebrating this monumentus occassion by taking 15% off all SU! orders placed between November 5 and November 10th!!
Yep!! That includes the annual catalogue as well as the holiday mini!!
Please contact me directly to place your orders as it is an offer from me personally and not thru Stampin up! and is not to be combined with any other offers!
Don't miss out!! It'll be over in a blink!!
Call, email or text me today!!

And now for this week's classes...

Judith is in da hooousse!!!
November 7
That's right crafters!!
One of my favourite fellow teachers is joining us in the studio this Wednesday  to teach us some new tricks with ink and paper! We'll be creating our own custom embossing plates as well as two delicious cards and a yummy holiday tag using her awesome techniques as well as the instructions!!
Start your booklet of techniques including samples today!
Don't miss out!! Contact me today to reserve your spot!!
Class fee is $8 and class runs from 7-9pm
Please bring your basic tool kit

Snow themed card class...November 8
Ok...I said it!! That dreaded "S" word!!
But these cards are so cute I couldn't resist!!
Join us in creating these fun and interactive cards using a variety of techniques!!
Class fee is $10  runs from 7-9pm
Please bring you basic tool kit!
Contact me today to reserve your spot!

OY!! I forgot my camera cord so I'll be back later to add the classes and photos for the rest of the month!
Stay tuned!!
Meanwhile, create yourself a beautiful day!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seriously...is it ME????

So....in the big kerfluffle to get the girls ready for school, Cate was adamant that she NEEDED a new phone...and so the hunt began...OY!!
All summer long she wanted a blackberry...needs a blackberry...gotta have a blackberry...

After 3 minutes at the first cell phone place, the guy had her talked into an android phone...go figure!! LOL!!
Well...after a couple of veeeery looooong days (who knew there were so many phone places at the mall!!) she finally decided on a ridiculously expensive Samsung Galaxy something or other and she absolutely loves it!!! Thank goodness!!

As we were walking around, I kept pulling out my "relic" of a phone, as my sweet uncle calls it, out of my pocket...and I admit...the thought of a new phone was sounding pretty good to me...but there was nothing wrong with it so no sense in spending money when I didn't have to...
My phone is pretty old in cell phone years...
but I am comfortable with it...
actually Cate says I text more than she does and I think she could be right...

and then came a sign...

My touch screen totally crapped out!!
This was my chance to get something pretty and sexy!!!
I picked out an android phone (ok...I'm not gonna lie...I was playing with one and the feature that totally sold me was a flashlight app that I was giddy over...don't ask me why!! LOL!!) I had it all charged and set up by the guys that know what they are doing, my plan upgraded, a cute case all picked out and installed...
I'm good to go home and start playing with my new toy...

and then it died and I now can't even get it to turn on at all...like AT ALL!!! Nothing!!

I think I'm beginning to get a bit of a complex...
technology just isn't that into me!! LOL!!
I have no idea what I've done or if it's me at all...
but I am learning that I wildly addicted to my phone...
it's my connection to my kids, my family and friends, my customers and that handy alarm clock makes sure I don't lose track of time like I tend to do when I'm playing or chatting!! LOL!!

The silver lining....
I'm going home to play with some rubber and ink!!
At least that never lets me down!! LOL!!
But the point of this very loooong story is to let you know that if you are trying to reach me by my cell...I am temporarily (I hope) unavailable until the geek squad can bail me out!! My apologies!!

Talk, text or email with y'all soon!! ....I hope!!
Create a beautiful day!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another AWESOME night!!

I am soo lucky!!
I was able to spend another evening with ladies I love, sharing some laughs, some creativity and my addiction for dies!! LOL!!
We have decided to start a support group and name it the Big Shot Club!! More details coming soon!!
I have so many ideas of classes and projects I want to tackle in the next little while that I'm gonna keep it short here today (Yep!! I NEED TO FEED MY ADDICTION!!)
It's play day in the studio!!

What are you thinking about creating?
Do you have some projects on the go?
Do you create your gifts for Christmas?
Is there a class you would like to see?
A technique you would like to learn?
Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts...I'd love to hear from you!!!

Before I go, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos of myself and one of my favourite assistants...Isabella my sweet neice!! We did a family photo shoot in the backyard last weekend and she had a blast being the papparazzi!! She got some great shots too!!

Create a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Thank you and a few more classes...

Ever notice how your bed can be the most uncomfortable place to rest...
until your alarm goes???!!
Then it's SOOOOOOO comfy and no way you can get up!!
That was me this morning...
Poor Cate was all up and ready for cross country practice but it took every ounce of my willpower to get moving this morning!! (And even then I did crawl back under the covers for "10 more minutes" before getting up to get Maegs on her way...shhhhhh!! Don't tell!!Wink!!)

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a great group of ladies in the studio!!
We shared some stamping tips, some sorrows and some laughs...
there is just something very special about this group...
they always bring a smile to my heart!! I just love them...
They are a very inspirational bunch and are indirectly responsible for my lack of sleep...
not that they kept me up but rather that I was so pumped and full of ideas after they left I just couldn't shut my brain down enough to fall asleep!!!

This morning I am trying to take care of my chores so I can get down into the studio and put some of those ideas into action...but for the moment I thought I would share some more of this month's upcoming classes...
There are LOTS more coming for October so please bear with me and keep checking back...but until then...here goes!!

Join me in creating some special cards to celebrate the season...FALL!! Can you believe it?
Tuesday September 25
Cost $8
Space is limited so call or email me today to reserve your spot!!

Ready to get INKY???
Then this is the class for you!! We have an AWESOME guest teacher in the studio!!
Join Judith as she teaches you how to create your very own embossing plates as well as some very ink savvy techniques!!
Wednesday September 26
Cost $8
Sign up today!!

And check out this show stopper!! If you have seen the new SU! Holiday mini then you have probably been drooling over this one!!
Join me in creating this gorgeous 3D work of art! Perfect to hang from your tree or to give as a gift!
Order the ornament stamp and die bundle by September 17th and you can join me for FREE!!
Thursday Septemeber 27th
Cost (if you don't order bundle) $20
RSVP today!!

Now get out there and create a beautiful day!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A small favour please...

I hate to make sympathy cards...
not that I don't like to extend my condolences or be unsupportive...
It's just they are always made for events that make people I care about sad...
and I get overwhelmed by emotion...

That being said...
I am having the worse time creating a special enough card for a few very special people in my life...
My Uncle Jack passed away last week and although I didn't get to see him very often I still can't imagine our family get togethers without him...he had a way of just looking at me and raising an eyebrow or a tilt of his head that let me know I wasn't thinking things all the way through and probably wasn't making the best choice but that he respected my choice...and he did it without judgement or being condesending...he also had a wicked sense of humour and always had some funny story to share. He was extremely well read and I just loved being in his company. He was also married to my Godmother...an amazing woman who has so many admirable qualities but her open heart and incredible strength top that very long list!! I have so many things I want to say but they all seem so trivial in light of recent events...
so I'm trying to say it with my paper art...a card...from my heart...and I'm struggling...

And then earlier this week my Aunt Carol also passed.
To say that I am not appreciating this opportunity to get better at creating sympathy cards is an understatement!! She was a incredible woman with a quiet strength and a quick smile and hug. To lose her to cancer is just wrong! Her funeral was extremely emotional and touching...more of a celebration of her life which she would have loved but I am still struggling to create an appropriate enough card to share.

And since these things seem to come in threes...

A very good friend of mine received some less than great news and although I know in my heart that things are going to work out for her...she's young and strong with a family that needs her and she is a fighter...(I wouldn't want to mess with her!! LOL!!) I am again struggling to create something appropriate to let her know I am in her corner and pulling for her with all my might. I am just so heartbroken that her and her family have to go through this...and I desperately don't want to lose my friend!!!

I wouldn't normally ask but...I am...

If you are the kind of person who prays, please include the families left behind in your prayers as well as my friend and her family. I know you may not know them but they are so important to the people in their lives and they are struggling to deal with their losses and to find the courage to deal with the future. Please ask for brighter days ahead for them. Thank you

Now I'm off to create some art from my heart
I hope you do too!

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

Oh Great!! Do you have that annoying song stuck in your head too???
Ahhh well...It's worth it cuz...IT'S FRIDAY....FRIDAY....lol!!

I was speaking with my good friend Joy yesterday and totally teasing her about the super awesome make and take I am doing tonight at our team meeting...I LOVE team meeting!!

Once a month we go to my SU! upline's Denise Donald and share with the other members of our team.
We share success stories, brainstorm for ideas on ways to grow our businesses, problem solve for situations one or more of us may be experiencing...and most importantly...WE CREATE!!

I love being a part of a team...
even though we are each independant consultants if feels good to have friends that really understand your experiences because we have all had very similar ones...it's a real sense of community.
Just another AWESOME benefit of being a Stampin Up! Demonstrator!! WAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
I do have a team of my own but I am so new to all of this that Denise very generously opens her home to all of us. However I do like to be a part of the action so I volunteered to share the make and take...(it's all part of my master plan to become a better teacher...muhahhaahaaaa!!)
I did not come up with this idea but rather it is my version of the stunning one that we saw at our regional convention. Shelli Gardner demo'd this to all of us ladies and gents leaving us with mouths agape...so delish!!
I really was thinking that I did not "NEED" this stamp set when I saw it in the Holiday mini...however...
Yep!! You know how this story ends...I LOVE IT!!!
I have already used it six ways from Sunday if you are a scrapbooker this is totally the set you need!!
I am gaa-gaa...
It is Affection Collection on page 35 of the 2012 Holiday Catalogue...
sorry I tried to get a pic uploaded her but I just couldn't figure out how to get it...
aaarrrgggg...technical difficulties...again!!
But it is alot of bang for $26.95!!
This was my first attempt...I did make a couple of others that I will share later...

What do you think?
I will be offering this as our make and take for anyone thinking of hosting a workshop in October!
Invite your friends over for a fun and inky filled evening!!
Get a head start on those Christmas gifts today!!
And earn some free loot to boot!!
Call or email me today to choose a date!!

Create a beautiful day!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Almost Friday!! And a card class...

I can't believe how quickly this month is flying by...
It's already feeling like I'm running out of time...OY!!
Do you ever get that feeling??

I will quickly post about a couple of classes that are coming up next week...

Check out this elegant set of Christmas cards we'll be creating in the studio this week...
Monday's class is already sold out but I still have a couple of spots available for Tuesday's class...
Love this colour combination...

Tuesday September 11 7-9pm
Cost $10

Call or email me today to reserve your spot!!
or 519-502-3874
This is one you don't want to miss!!

It's a beautiful day out there so maybe sit outside and do some creating...that's what I'm off to do!!
Create a beautiful day!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to yoooooou!!!

What a busy week this is for us!!
Our anniversary, back to school for the girls and today is my hubby's birthday!!
Happy Birthday Steve!!
I won't say how ooooold you are but I will say you look really good for someone of your age!! wink!! LOL!!

Happy birthday handsome!!

Today is also Caitlin's first "real" day of grade 10...no sleeping in for her today!! LOL!!

Although yesterday didn't quite go as planned as far as me getting to play but today...I'm gonna be a scrapping & stamping fool!! Well til 3pm anyways and then I'll be making a special dinner and baking a cake...But until then...I'm super excited to play with the ladies coming into the studio today!! I'm looooong overdue!!WAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Whatever you do today....create a beautiful day!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The day I've been looking forward to all week...
New pencils and backpacks...familiar routines to re-establish...
new friends to make...old friends to catch up with...
and time for mommy to PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!
But before I do...
here are a couple of pics of my super excited girl on her first day of grade four...
Cate gets to sleep in today cuz she doesn't start until 1pm!!!
I certainly don't remember high school being like that but I'm told it's one of the priviledges of not being a minor niner anymore!!! LOL!!!


I'm so excited to head down to the Art Lounge to create some ART!!
Are you going to play today?
Why not take a moment or two and share your creation here with us!
I'd love to see it!!
Create a beautiful day!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labour Day Monday!!

It's the last day of summer vacay...
and I'm trying not to dance...but....
duh dahhhh....duh..dahhhhhh...

The girls are torn about heading back to school...
Maegs is excited about seeing her friends and her new back to school clothes...
but has NO INTEREST in having to do homework...
Cate is excited to get back to homework and all of the fun activities she does with her friends at school...but will miss sleeping in til noon...poor kid!!
I ,of course, will miss our very leisurely summer of campfires, swimming and tennis...family time and time with my hubby...


I am sooooo excited to get back into the swing of creating and playing in the studio again!! I'm itchin to get inky and make the paper fly like Edward Scissorhands!! LOL!!
I am starting with a book for my mom...
Her birthday is coming soon and I wanted to make an album of all of us for her.
Today was our family photoshoot...What drama!! What excitment!!
Of course Maegan walks into a post at the tennis court two hours before we are supposed to do photos and splits her lip wide open and swells right up...FANTASTIC!! Oh well!! I am the mom that documents everything!! LOL!!
It was a wonderful day chasing my family around trying to get them to sit still and smile, with their eyes OPEN all at the same time...OY!! I don't know how many hundreds of photos we took between my brother in law Nabeel, my sister Lucie, Caitlin and myself but I'm praying we at least got a few good ones!!
My five year old neice Isabella was a wonderful photo helper and she even took some fabulous shots!! She's such a sweetie!!
I'll be back to post some of our outtakes...I don't want to give away the surprise of the good shots...

I had better get going...lunches to make...songs to sing..
"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."
Create a beautiful day!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

ahhhh...so long summer...

I had a little hiccup in my internet...again...
although this time was due to not having a hot spot at our campground!! WAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
It was an AH-MAZING summer for us!
We travelled almost every weekend in our trailer making each weekend a four-or sometimes five-may as well make it seven day weekend!! lol!! Good times!!!

And I have rekindled my love affair with tennis...
a sport that I gave up when I began dating my hubby almost 19 years ago!!
He wasn't a fan of tennis (or fetch as he calls it) at all and then once he introduced me to motocross, I was hooked!!
But I'm older and wiser...well...older anyways...
and I can't handle the racing anymore until I get into much better shape so I decided to take up tennis again to help get me into shape so I could play in the dirt this fall!!

And can you believe it?

My hubby thought it would be fun to see if the dr's did a good job on his knees so he's also decided to learn to play!
Guess what?
He's getting pretty dang good too!!

How was YOUR summer?
Did you have many adventures?
Enjoying the long weekend?
Whatever you're doing, I hope you are spending it with the ones you love...doing something you love!!
Create a beautiful day!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary!! And a gift for you...

I can't believe that our wedding was 11 years ago...
It was such a beautiful day...so much love and absolute chaos!! 
On the one hand it seems like yesterday and then on the other...it seems like a lifetime ago!!! LOL!!
It's my anniversay and yet I have some great news for you...

Thanks to Stampin Up! you can make quick work of your summer memories!

They have extended the FREE trial of the MDS2 until September 15th as well as 31% off some of the most delicious digi designs!!!!
Download yours today and git er dun!!!

That's what I'm doing...
I'm making an album of our adventures on the East Coast from last summer...for starters...
And I have to say...
I am NOT a techie person so I know I am not even scratching the surface of what this badboy can do but I am LUVIN how easy it is to work and play with!! OMGOSH!!! LOVE!!!

I  am nowwhere near done...
I'm 20 pages in and still in the very early part of our two week holiday but I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to scrap our adventure in the traditional way!! I have spent a few hours this week digi scrapping poolside in between watching my kids do cannonballs into the pool and dodging waterfights...does it get any better than that??!! Gotta love those dogdays of summer...

Don't limit yourself to just doing your summer memories or a trip...
maybe do a heritage or baby album...maybe a sweet alphabet flipbook for your cute little tyke!!
There are TONS of different themes, papers, colours, stamps...just YUMMY!!
Be sure to check them out!!

Meanwhile...Happy anniversary Steve!!
I'm off to see if I can still fit into my wedding gown...veil!!
Create a beautiful day!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lucky numero eight...and a deal!!

Good morning y'all!!
I hope you had a great weekend!!
It was a scorcher here and full of adventure...
including some off road craziness thanks to my hubby!
But I'll get into more of that later!! lol!!

I have been feeling very inspired by all of the fun dies that Stampin Up! sells, especially the petite pocket die...this die makes the cutest little envelopes or pockets...just the right size to hold a little something special for that little someone special...great for tucking treats into your kid's backpack or lunchbox!!

For some reason I am unable to upload my photos but I will be back to share them with you...
My apologies for the technical difficulties!!

However in the meantime I am offering you 20% off on any dies you order from me before the end of labour day weekend!!
Just email me your order...   morefunoutsidethelines@hotmail.com
Do not use my website to place your order as this is offered thru me and not by SU!
And be sure to share your adorable creations with us!!
I'd love to see them!!
It's always more fun to create outside the lines!!
Happy shopping!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a week!!

Challenge met!!
Can I get a WOOT WOOT??!!

I was challenged earlier this month to make posts on my blog for seven days in a row...
and lookie lookie!!  I did it!

They say you need to hear something at least seven times to actually absorb what you are hearing...I wonder if you need to do something seven times in order to make it a habit??
I sure hope so!!
It's been a great week and I've really enjoyed sharing a few tidbits from my world with you!
I love and appreciate your comments! Thank you!!

Please take today to hug your family tight...
maybe take a walk together and hold hands...
or read a book together in a hammock...
or beat your significant other at a game of tennis...
hmmmm....that sounds like fun!!
I think that sounds like a plan!!
Better watch out Steve!! Heeeheeeheeeee!!!
Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hellooooooooo again!!

So good to see you!
It's officially a record!!
This one is going to be a short one...
just to even out yesterday's chatty post!! LOL!!

What are you up to this weekend?
Are you doing any playing?
Are you counting the moments until that school bus arrives or that yard bell rings??
I'm not going to say that I am (cuz both of my kids are looking over my shoulder!!)
but...I do love this time of the year!

There is something about the smell of new notebooks and pencils...
fresh haircuts and shoes without scuffs...yet!!
Do you like this time of the year? Share your thoughts!!
Then create something fun for someone in your life who is heading off to school in a few short days.
Share your photos with us! I would love to see your eyecandy!!
You show me yours and I'll show you mine!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Never say never...

Well what do you know?
Blogging again!! WAHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!
It would appear that I am trying all kinds of things I never thought I would!!

Earlier this summer my hubby bought a street legal bike...not the bike of his dreams but one that would get him out on the road and get his M licence before it expired. It's an enduro which is basically a dirtbike with saddlebags and turning signals etc! Perfect!! Well....for him...

We have had many many discussions about what we would do if or when we gave up motocross...and of course ride on the street is the next logical step! Which is all fine and good...except I've always said we need TWO harleys cuz I don't ride in the backseat! Can you say CHA-CHING??

Well...famous last words!! We rode to Port Dover with a gang of friends for the Friday the 13th...my first...and yes! I was doubled the whole way there and back on the back of Steve's enduro!! Exhilerating and nerve-wracking all at the same time!!
And I totally loved it!
I love going out for date nights with my hubby...
either just for an evening ride or meeting up with other friends for a cruise.
I say you should never say never!!

So with that in mind...I'm tackling my "thing" with ink...
I admit it...It kinda freaks me out!
My friends tease me about getting into Stampin Up!...since...well obviously...it's all about stamping and ink! Well...luckily not all!! Thank goodness they also have an AWESOME selection of dies to feed my true addiction! Wink!! LOL!!

Join me in trying something outside your comfort zone...for me it's ink...
What is it for you?
Share a comment and link your project back here for a chance to win some FREE LOOT!!
I'll let you know how it goes for my inky adventure and I'll even share a photo or two with you!! EEEKS!!
It's waaaay more fun to create outside the lines!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spooky Thursday!!

Can you believe it? Here I am AGAIN!!
...that alone is cause for celebration!!

Have you had a chance to check out the new Holiday mini from Stampin Up! yet??
I have had the hardest time trying to whittle my list down to a reasonable list and everytime I see a new post from the Stampers Connection, I swoon, and then add ANOTHER stamp set or tool to my must have list! Good thing I get a discount!! LOL!!

What is Stampers Connection you ask?
It is a private forum for all SU! demonstartors WORLDWIDE!!
The creativity and inspiration of this group of ladies and gents is MINDBLOWING!!
Not only the eyecandy they share, but also the support and tips for growing your business as well as relationship building with ladies I would probably never "met" otherwise...

Interested? Join my SU! team before August 31st and you can join in the fun!!
Order your customizable kit for $125 including taxes and shipping and receive $155 worth of product
PLUS... there is a great promo on until the end of the month...
Same low fee...same kit that you choose and personalize to your tastes...
Discounts on your SU! purchases...
AND an exclusive Halloween printers tray worth $75...ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Just click the shop online link and the "join my team" link...

Don't be afraid....
Come and join in the fun!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a digi girl in a digi world...well...kinda!

Have you noticed that my blog has a new look?
And have you wondered how someone as technically challenged as I am manages to change things up in such a gorgeous and fun way??
Yep! You guessed it! I don't!!

I am very very lucky to  have such talented and generous friends!
My good friend Joy is responsible for the AWESOME graphics and "look" of my blog!
What's even better is that she uses the software from Stampin Up! My Digital Software2 (MDS2)
How KEWL is that??

If this is something you are interested in checking out, NOW IS THE TIME!!
Follow the shop online link and test out the new MDS2 for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!!
It's available until the end of the month!!
PLUS...31% OFF some of the delicious digi packages and printing!! SWOON!!
What could be better?
Download yours today and link back the eyecandy you create for a chance to win some yummy loot!!
It's always more fun to create outside the lines!!
See you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!!

Good morning ladies!!
Two days in a row!!
Can I get a "WOOT WOOT!!"

Before I get to the pics from the open house, I thought I'd share a few pics from yesterday's class.
My mom, as many of you know, is a tremendous help to me with not only my girls, but she's also a great supporter and cheerleader for me! I certainly don't make it easy but I know she is always in my corner.

Well, she had sugery earlier this year and she really hasn't been quite herself since.
Did I mention that she also runs a daycare with very demanding little people?
I truly have NO IDEA where she gets the love and patience that she has for these kids...she loves them like they are her own! But everyone can use a break once in a while so I try to help by getting the kids together to do something that I can do with them that I enjoy,,,and hopefully they will too...
yep!! You guessed it...
SCRAPPING!! And not the kind they usually do with their younger siblings!!
No...the papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking kind...play! play! play!

While the little guys were sleeping, the girls and I created the cutest little upcycling mini album from toilet paper rolls!!
Their initial reaction was pretty much what you'd expect....eeeewwwwww!!!
But as soon as the paper, scissors, punches and glue came out, all thoughts were on "What ELSE can I add to my really KEWL project??!!"
Sadly I was having too much fun to remember to get many pics but I will share the few I got before the moms came to take them home! What a great afternoon!! Thanks Olivia, Sophie, Kylie, Maegs and Cate!!

Here are a couple pics of my mini album using the delicious floral district designer series papers from SU!

And here are a couple of the girls with their purses...
not sure which they were more excited about...
creating the purses or the gum that was inside!!

It amazes me what fearless creators little people are...
they are a great way to recharge those creative juices and get a little wild with your crafty supplies!
Missing your mojo lately?
Why not share some creative time and juices with some of the short people in your lives!!
And then share with us!
I'd love to see it!!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...guess you'll have to tune in and see!!
It's more fun to create outside of the lines!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello Stranger! (And yes...I AM talking to ME!!!) lol!!

My posts seem to have a very familiar ring to them...apologizing for not posting more often!
I DO love technology but I struggle...ALOT...with it! Please bear with me!!
I find that the things other people seem to be able to accomplish quickly on the computer seem to take me foreeeverrr!

However with that in mind, I have been challenged to post for seven CONSECUTIVE days...EEEKS!!
And I am ALWAYS game for a challenge!!

Now, I don't think I'll have a shortage of things to share with you...There is so much to catch you up on!
And for YOU to catch ME up on!!
So...here's my challenge to you...I'll post more if y'all comment more!!
Sometimes when I post on my blog, I wonder if anyone is listening or if it's just like talking to my hubby and kids...LOL!!

I will start things off where I left off...
I would like to thank all of the wonderful ladies who came out to celebrate the season (and new mini!) with me! I am so blessed to have such wonderful supporters who come and fill the studio with their laughter, creativity and heart! I will be back to post some pics if I can figure out how to get them off my other computer and onto this one...yes...MORE technical issues!
But I'm up for the challenge....think I can figure it out??
Guess you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas at the end of July with SU!

Mini catalogue Open House

Join me in celebrating the official kick off to the holiday crafting season with the release of the new holiday "maximum mini" from Stampin Up! 

Come and check out some of this yummy loot live and be the first to order it!! 
We have LOTS of fun things planned...
make and takes...
mini classes...
be the first to sign up for upcoming classes...
plus some fun reindeer games!!!

This is definitely a "DO NOT MISS"!! 

Please RSVP by July 29th so I make sure to enough make and takes prepared so everyone can play!!  Hope to see you there!


PS- since this is the season to give back...please bring a non perishable food item to be donated to the Food Bank and receive a special gift from me!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

What a great weekend!!
A little bit of dirt, mud, snowbirds, napping and scrapping!!
It does my body and mind good!! What could be better??!!
How was your weekend?
If you missed the catalgue launch and are itchin to get your hands on that yummy new book of goodies, don't despair!! Contact me today and I'll hook you up sistah!!

Now that the launch behind me, I am excited to share some of the upcoming classes coming to the studio!!
Are you ready??
Here goes...

Join in the fun for STAMP CAMP!!

This class requires a preorder of Betsy's blossoms and the delicious new in colour markers
We'll use this super versatile stamp set to create 4 cute cards as well as a fun little picnic basket to hold your creations!!
It makes a great gift for a teacher or friend...or something sweet to set on your desk!!
The deadline for sign up is June 15.
The class runs June 26 at 1pm - 3 pm and 7 pm - 9pm
The cost of the class is $60
That's the cost of the markers and stamp set with the cards and basket just pennies extra!!)
Class size is limited so sign up today!

Check out this super fun stamp a stack class!
We will be creating two each of these delish cards!!
That's right!!
One to keep and one to give away!!
Come and play!!
June 5th 7-9pm and
June 20th 7-9pm
Cost $20 or FREE with a $50 SU! order!!
Rsvp to guarantee your spot!!

It's time to Stamp...Punch...Repeat!!
I love a repeated image so I had alot of fun with these!!
Join me in creating three cards (only 2 are shown) using this technique as well as some fun NEW products from the brand new SU! catty!!
Cost is $8 or FREE with a $20 SU! order
June 19 1-3pm and 7-9pm
June 28 1-3pm and 7-9pm
RSVP to punch a bunch!!

Looking for a fun gift for a friend or teacher?
Look no more!!
Come a create this cute gift bag, matching card, bookmark and notepad set!!
What a great way to say "thank you"!!
Cost of the class is $12 or FREE with a $30 SU! order
June 12th 1-3pm and 7-9pm
Contact me today!

"Oh the places you'll go!"
Check out this adorable little suitcase and matching card set!
We'll be creating not only the fun little suitcase but also a coordinating set of four cards and post it note and pen holder! And yes....kisses are included!!
Class cost is $25 or FREE with a $60 SU! order
June 14th 1-3pm and 7-9pm
june 21st 1-3pm and 7-9pm

Space is limited so contact me today!!

I haven't forgotten about you scrapbookers!!
Join me in creating a single page layout with a matching card!
Lots of texture and layers in this one!!
Available in a masculine colour pallette as well!
Cost is $10
June 7th 1-3pm and 7-9pm
Please let me know your preference when you reserve your spot!

These papers and colours just make me smile!!
Join me in creating a fun layout using the yummy summer smooches paper line!!
Cost of the class is $8 and also includes a sweet 3D gift!
Call me today to reserve your spot!
June 13th 1-3pm and 7-9pm

There is always lots of fun things happening at the studio!!
Come and play!!
It's always more fun to create Outside the Lines!!
Come and play!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am soooo very lucky!!

I truly am surrounded by some of the most incredible women going!!!
Yesterday the weather was a little iffy...
cold and wet with moments of sunshine follwed by more cold and wet...
my invites went out late due to a crazy schedule...
I was a bit overwhelmed with my to do list when I inadvertinately got my dates confused and took on a little too much at once...
And yet I had some of the most wonderful friends come to support me in my adventure!!
They came in the rain...
they came from far away...
they came even though they themselves had busy busy schedules...
they came to help me prep...
they came to help me organize..
they came to cheer me on...
they came to PLAY!!
I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart to all of you!!
You are the reason I love this "hobby" so much!!

I'm off to spend some quality time with my family but I'll be back later tonight with the class schedule and photos so stay tuned!!
Go enjoy your day and remember it's waaaay more fun to create outside the lines!!
See you soon!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catalogue Launch PARTY!!!!

If there is an award for being a bad blogger, I would nominate myself!!
It has been absolutely crazy here!!
Aside from forgetting my password and email to log into my blogger account (OY!!) we've had some health issues to deal with but now that things have calmed down on that front, things are ramping up at the studio!!
And you know what that means??!!!

Yep! That's right!!
Join us for some fun, festivities, inky, punchy good times!!!
The NEW CATALOGUE from STAMPIN UP! is finally HERE!!!
I don't want to give away how delicious all of the new goodies...but...OHHH EMMM GEEEE!!!
I'm in love!!! There are soooo many just beautiful new stamp sets and yummy dies and punches in this book that I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!

Come and play with me!!

June 2nd
noon til four pm
Outside The Lines Art Lounge and Stampin Up! Studio
38 Manitou Drive
(519) 502-3874
Call or email me now to rsvp!!

It's all about the NEW catalogue!!
Come see me to get your free copy with any $25 order!!
I'll also have some of the NEW LOOT from the catty here for you to check out!!!

Plus, we're making a couple of FREE make and takes!
See some of our new papers and stamps in action!!

Feeling lucky??
Try your hand at our 50/50 draw with a twist!!

Be the first to sign up for June and July's classes!
Samples will be on display as well as the sign up sheets...
Class sizes are limited so don't miss out!!

AND...in case that wasn't enough excitement...

Are you ready for this???

You sure??

OK...here goes....

I am also doing a gently used sale table...
I know...I know...doesn't sound overly interesting...
except there is a twist!!

When you shop at the yard sale table, you will receive a discount on your Stampin Up! order!!
For instance, just to keep the math easy, spend $50 on the used table and receive $25 off an order of $50 or more from the NEW CATALOGUE!! That's FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!
I LOVE goood deals!!
It makes the Scot in me happy!!
You don't want to miss this one!!
See you Saturday!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Come join the Big Shot Club!!

ok...it may not neccessarily mean what you think!!LOL!!

I am a tool junkie! I admit it!! I LOVE tools!!
And my most favourite tools are the die cutting ones!!
They are just YUMMY!!

Stampin Up! carries not only the Big Shot, but also a great assortment of dies to use in your big shot!

Have you ever wondered what to do with your dies?
And if investing in that die was really going to be worth the money?
Then this is the club for you!

Join me in learning how to get more bang for your buck and more use out of your tools!
We will be meeting once a month to explore the variety of ways to use your dies!
Check out my calendar at
Space is limited so reserve your spot today!!
I can't wait to play with you!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do you love the Stampin Up! ribbon???

I can completely relate!!
I LOVE it too!
And my favourites vary from week to week!!
But...sometimes I look at them and think " I just don't NEED 10 yards of one ribbon"...
And I've heard it more than a few times from you too!!

Well....Have I got a solution for you!!

I am offering a Ribbon Swap Club this month!!
What is a ribbon swap you ask?
Well...you would agree to buy a roll of SU! ribbon as would a group of other ladies and each of the rolls would be divided up between y'all!
So for the purchase price of ONE roll, you would recieve approx 2 yards each of FIVE different ribbons!
Variety is the spice of life!!

Send me a message by March 28th if you are interested in participating this month!
I already have a few ladies signed up so get your spot now!!
You can comment below or send me an email with your ribbon choice

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm SOOOO lucky!!

What an INCREDIBLE week!!
I would first like to thank all of the wonderful ladies that came out to play with me this week!!
I get so excited to share with y'all and I had so much fun with each and every one of you...
I am so blessed to have such kind and supportive customers/friends!!

It was a busy week in the studio and there was so much positive energy, laughter and enthusium in here, it was bouncing off the walls!!
Although I was once again a bad blogger and got so caught up in enjoying every moment with these ladies that I forgot to pull out my camera and snap a few pics...OY!!!
I did manage to get a couple just before they were heading out the door...LOL!!

Cassi, Haley and Lissa did AWESOME on creating their cute little critters!!
Can you believe this is their first time papercrafting? Way to RAWK it girls!!! WAHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

And these two characters had me in stitches all afternoon!!
"ahhhhh grasshopper...teacher luvs you"!!

If you haven't had a chance to come and check out the studio, NOW is the time!!
Keep an eye on the blog...I have some EXCITING things in the works!!!

For now I'm off to cheer loudly and watch tonight's round of supercross with my family while creating some new classes for y'all!!
What could be better??
Oh I know!!!
YOU could be here!!
It's more fun to create outside the lines!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Paw-sitively Adorable Punch Art

Well ladies (and gents) I had a couple of friends ask if I could prepare something fun for them to do with their girls over the March break and I have to say that I had a blast making these little guys up!!

Looking for something fun to do with the kids over March Break?
Why not join me in creating these adorable little spring critters...
the perfect way to ring in Spring!

Create a sweet treat lamb, a cheeky chick card and a lop earred loot bag!
The cost for this class is $12
And YES...chocolate is included!!

Tuesday March 13 1pm - 3pm sold out and 7pm - 9pm
Thursday March 15 1pm - 3pm
Thursday March 22 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday April 3 7pm - 9pm

Space is limited so call or email me early to reserve your spot!
(519) 502-3874

And as a special little bonus...
For those of you signed up to take classes with me this week,
we'll be making this cute little card to celebrate St Paddy's day

Feeling lucky? Come and play!!!
It's always more fun to create outside the lines!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who is coming to play with me??

I want to thank you all for your encouraging and supportive comments...
and so...here goes...

I have prepared some classes for y'all to come over and play with me!!
Join me in making this cute little set of five mini cards with matching envelopes
They are perfect for tucking into that gift bag or little sumthin' sumthin' for someone special!
I absolutely love the simplicity and versatility of this set!!

$10 for the set of 5 or FREE with a $40 SU! order
Wednesday March 14 at 1pm - 3pm and 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday March 20 7pm - 9pm
Thursday March 29 7pm - 9pm

Space is limited so call or email me early to reserve your spot!
(519) 502-3874

The second card class is a fun one using the same flower die!
I get sooo excited when you can get a variety of looks from the same tool...
It must be the Scot in me!! *wink*
Join me in creating these three fun floral cards...

$10 for the set of 3 or FREE with a $40 SU! order
Wednesday March 21 at 1pm - 3pm and 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday March 27 7pm - 9pm
Wednesday April 4 1pm - 3pm and 7pm - 9pm

Space is limited so call or email me early to reserve your spot!
(519) 502-3874

I must be in the mood for spring cuz all I'm thinking about is flowers!!
Join me in creating this cute double page layout using one of my favourite sets from the SU! occassions mini...
Mixed Blooms with the matching blossom punch...mmmm....DELISH!!

$10 for a double page layout with a cute matching card
Thursday March 15 1pm - 3pm
Thursday March 22 7pm - 9pm

Space is limited so call or email me early to reserve your spot!
(519) 502-3874

I'm also working on a couple of cute projects for the kids (big kids are welcome too!)
for next week of the March break...
Space is extremely limited as we've already got some fun lovin girls signed up anxious to get their craft on!!
I'll be back with some pics once I've finished them!!
Can't wait to play with you..It IS more fun to create Outside the Lines!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Check out my Stampin Up! Website

Well...I've finally figure it out...
with much help and many many thanks to Denise!!

It's official...


So excited!!!
You can check out my classes as well as order online
Be sure to stop by and check it out!!

A Passion for Scrapping...sums it up perfectly!!

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks here and I have been MIA here in cyberworld!
I will do better in the future...promise!!

I was blessed enough to be able to participate as a vendor in a wonderful Passion for Scrapping crop at a local Christian school and I met some of the nicest women ever!!

It was sooo much fun and I had a blast meeting and chatting
(and eating!! Man...those ladies can cook!!)
I was very lucky to meet these three lovely ladies who were very gentle with me for my first time teaching!
Big THANK YOU's going out to Nellie, Marina and Yvonne!
These three are a riot and i can't wait to play with them again!!

And another very special Thank you to Anne Marie, Carol and Nelzanne who did a spectacular job of organizing and running the crop...
I am not an expert but even I could tell that they did an incredible job and that it was done with their hearts!
I am so looking forward to working a few more crops but this one has really set the bar high!!
AWESOME job ladies! Thanks for inviting me and I can't wait for next year's event!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes words just don't cut it...

What an incredibly fantastic day!
My heart feels full and my cheeks hurt from laughing...
It feels good to share something I love with people I care about!
The open house was so much fun!
It was great to reconnect face to face with a such wonderful group of ladies!!
Thank you to all of you who came out today and to those who sent much appreciated words of support...
I am truly humbled by the love I felt today...

My only regret...
I forgot to take pictures!!! D'oh!!!
I know I know...BAD BLOGGER!!
I will do better next time!
And in the meanwhile...
I will round up some pics from the ladies that DID remember to take some pics!!

But before I go...
I will announce a couple of winners from today's event...

from our door prize draw...
(drumroll please)

I will deliver it to you tomorrow!

And the winner of the JOKER DRAW...

It's a wildly appropriate choice...

And I swear...It was not rigged...
( I have witnesses!!)

And sweet lady who is quite a joker...

Drumroll please....

Congrats girlie!!

Now I'm off to bust into that lovely bottle of wine (Thanks Cheryl!!) put my feet up and watch the main event of tonight's supercross race!!
Life is good!! Pass it on!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a work in progress...and so is my creative space!!

I'm sooo excited about this new adventure!
It started a few months ago with my third bout of pneumonia in less than three months...
"If you pack up all of your scrapbook stuff (*Ok ok...he didn't say "stuff" but in an effort to keep this somewhat clean*)"...I will insulate the basement..."

After some tough negotiations and a written contract with strict deadlines, my DH Steve allowed me to empty the contents of my scrapbook room into his garage while he insulated our basement...I'm sure he never would have suggested it had he know the amount of stuff I had or the amount of work that laid ahead of him!! *wink!*

Well, it is finally beginning to look like my cozy little dream space!
And what good is a dream space if you can't share it??!
And so this little seed took root and and the idea to open The Art Lounge started to grow!

Welcome to my little piece of creative Heaven!
it's a place to try out new techniques, get a little inky and share some laughs
I will be offering classes, crops and open studio time.
as a matter of fact, this Saturday I am having an Open House to share my little work in progress...
Contact me for more info if you are interested
I'll also be here sharing my progress on this creative journey...
I hope you'll join me!
It's more fun to create outside the lines!!