Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!!

Good morning ladies!!
Two days in a row!!
Can I get a "WOOT WOOT!!"

Before I get to the pics from the open house, I thought I'd share a few pics from yesterday's class.
My mom, as many of you know, is a tremendous help to me with not only my girls, but she's also a great supporter and cheerleader for me! I certainly don't make it easy but I know she is always in my corner.

Well, she had sugery earlier this year and she really hasn't been quite herself since.
Did I mention that she also runs a daycare with very demanding little people?
I truly have NO IDEA where she gets the love and patience that she has for these kids...she loves them like they are her own! But everyone can use a break once in a while so I try to help by getting the kids together to do something that I can do with them that I enjoy,,,and hopefully they will too...
yep!! You guessed it...
SCRAPPING!! And not the kind they usually do with their younger siblings!!
No...the papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking kind...play! play! play!

While the little guys were sleeping, the girls and I created the cutest little upcycling mini album from toilet paper rolls!!
Their initial reaction was pretty much what you'd expect....eeeewwwwww!!!
But as soon as the paper, scissors, punches and glue came out, all thoughts were on "What ELSE can I add to my really KEWL project??!!"
Sadly I was having too much fun to remember to get many pics but I will share the few I got before the moms came to take them home! What a great afternoon!! Thanks Olivia, Sophie, Kylie, Maegs and Cate!!

Here are a couple pics of my mini album using the delicious floral district designer series papers from SU!

And here are a couple of the girls with their purses...
not sure which they were more excited about...
creating the purses or the gum that was inside!!

It amazes me what fearless creators little people are...
they are a great way to recharge those creative juices and get a little wild with your crafty supplies!
Missing your mojo lately?
Why not share some creative time and juices with some of the short people in your lives!!
And then share with us!
I'd love to see it!!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...guess you'll have to tune in and see!!
It's more fun to create outside of the lines!!


  1. Super cute mini book! Out of toilet paper rolls....awesome. Your crafting assistants look very happy that they got some crafty time. It must have been a fun afternoon.

  2. Thanks Joy! The girls all RAWKED their albums!!
    Not one was the same! Each was unique and awesome!! These girls are a super creative bunch and it was alot of fun for me to watch their creative juices flow!!