Sunday, September 2, 2012 long summer...

I had a little hiccup in my internet...again...
although this time was due to not having a hot spot at our campground!! WAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
It was an AH-MAZING summer for us!
We travelled almost every weekend in our trailer making each weekend a four-or sometimes five-may as well make it seven day weekend!! lol!! Good times!!!

And I have rekindled my love affair with tennis...
a sport that I gave up when I began dating my hubby almost 19 years ago!!
He wasn't a fan of tennis (or fetch as he calls it) at all and then once he introduced me to motocross, I was hooked!!
But I'm older and wiser...well...older anyways...
and I can't handle the racing anymore until I get into much better shape so I decided to take up tennis again to help get me into shape so I could play in the dirt this fall!!

And can you believe it?

My hubby thought it would be fun to see if the dr's did a good job on his knees so he's also decided to learn to play!
Guess what?
He's getting pretty dang good too!!

How was YOUR summer?
Did you have many adventures?
Enjoying the long weekend?
Whatever you're doing, I hope you are spending it with the ones you love...doing something you love!!
Create a beautiful day!! Enjoy!!


  1. What fun your summer was lots of family time out in the trailer with crazy road trips. It's always great get back the passion you once had for something and I know your kickin' his butt at tennis. I guess they did an awesome job on his knees.

  2. Well he would disagree with the knees but it's his excuse for when I hit a shot he can't return!!! LOL!!
    He's now talking about getting bionic knees...maybe for his birthday!!! LOL!!!