Monday, August 27, 2012

Lucky numero eight...and a deal!!

Good morning y'all!!
I hope you had a great weekend!!
It was a scorcher here and full of adventure...
including some off road craziness thanks to my hubby!
But I'll get into more of that later!! lol!!

I have been feeling very inspired by all of the fun dies that Stampin Up! sells, especially the petite pocket die...this die makes the cutest little envelopes or pockets...just the right size to hold a little something special for that little someone special...great for tucking treats into your kid's backpack or lunchbox!!

For some reason I am unable to upload my photos but I will be back to share them with you...
My apologies for the technical difficulties!!

However in the meantime I am offering you 20% off on any dies you order from me before the end of labour day weekend!!
Just email me your order...
Do not use my website to place your order as this is offered thru me and not by SU!
And be sure to share your adorable creations with us!!
I'd love to see them!!
It's always more fun to create outside the lines!!
Happy shopping!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a week!!

Challenge met!!
Can I get a WOOT WOOT??!!

I was challenged earlier this month to make posts on my blog for seven days in a row...
and lookie lookie!!  I did it!

They say you need to hear something at least seven times to actually absorb what you are hearing...I wonder if you need to do something seven times in order to make it a habit??
I sure hope so!!
It's been a great week and I've really enjoyed sharing a few tidbits from my world with you!
I love and appreciate your comments! Thank you!!

Please take today to hug your family tight...
maybe take a walk together and hold hands...
or read a book together in a hammock...
or beat your significant other at a game of tennis...
hmmmm....that sounds like fun!!
I think that sounds like a plan!!
Better watch out Steve!! Heeeheeeheeeee!!!
Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hellooooooooo again!!

So good to see you!
It's officially a record!!
This one is going to be a short one...
just to even out yesterday's chatty post!! LOL!!

What are you up to this weekend?
Are you doing any playing?
Are you counting the moments until that school bus arrives or that yard bell rings??
I'm not going to say that I am (cuz both of my kids are looking over my shoulder!!)
but...I do love this time of the year!

There is something about the smell of new notebooks and pencils...
fresh haircuts and shoes without scuffs...yet!!
Do you like this time of the year? Share your thoughts!!
Then create something fun for someone in your life who is heading off to school in a few short days.
Share your photos with us! I would love to see your eyecandy!!
You show me yours and I'll show you mine!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Never say never...

Well what do you know?
Blogging again!! WAHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!
It would appear that I am trying all kinds of things I never thought I would!!

Earlier this summer my hubby bought a street legal bike...not the bike of his dreams but one that would get him out on the road and get his M licence before it expired. It's an enduro which is basically a dirtbike with saddlebags and turning signals etc! Perfect!! Well....for him...

We have had many many discussions about what we would do if or when we gave up motocross...and of course ride on the street is the next logical step! Which is all fine and good...except I've always said we need TWO harleys cuz I don't ride in the backseat! Can you say CHA-CHING??

Well...famous last words!! We rode to Port Dover with a gang of friends for the Friday the first...and yes! I was doubled the whole way there and back on the back of Steve's enduro!! Exhilerating and nerve-wracking all at the same time!!
And I totally loved it!
I love going out for date nights with my hubby...
either just for an evening ride or meeting up with other friends for a cruise.
I say you should never say never!!

So with that in mind...I'm tackling my "thing" with ink...
I admit it...It kinda freaks me out!
My friends tease me about getting into Stampin Up!...since...well's all about stamping and ink! Well...luckily not all!! Thank goodness they also have an AWESOME selection of dies to feed my true addiction! Wink!! LOL!!

Join me in trying something outside your comfort zone...for me it's ink...
What is it for you?
Share a comment and link your project back here for a chance to win some FREE LOOT!!
I'll let you know how it goes for my inky adventure and I'll even share a photo or two with you!! EEEKS!!
It's waaaay more fun to create outside the lines!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spooky Thursday!!

Can you believe it? Here I am AGAIN!!
...that alone is cause for celebration!!

Have you had a chance to check out the new Holiday mini from Stampin Up! yet??
I have had the hardest time trying to whittle my list down to a reasonable list and everytime I see a new post from the Stampers Connection, I swoon, and then add ANOTHER stamp set or tool to my must have list! Good thing I get a discount!! LOL!!

What is Stampers Connection you ask?
It is a private forum for all SU! demonstartors WORLDWIDE!!
The creativity and inspiration of this group of ladies and gents is MINDBLOWING!!
Not only the eyecandy they share, but also the support and tips for growing your business as well as relationship building with ladies I would probably never "met" otherwise...

Interested? Join my SU! team before August 31st and you can join in the fun!!
Order your customizable kit for $125 including taxes and shipping and receive $155 worth of product
PLUS... there is a great promo on until the end of the month...
Same low fee...same kit that you choose and personalize to your tastes...
Discounts on your SU! purchases...
AND an exclusive Halloween printers tray worth $75...ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Just click the shop online link and the "join my team" link...

Don't be afraid....
Come and join in the fun!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a digi girl in a digi world...well...kinda!

Have you noticed that my blog has a new look?
And have you wondered how someone as technically challenged as I am manages to change things up in such a gorgeous and fun way??
Yep! You guessed it! I don't!!

I am very very lucky to  have such talented and generous friends!
My good friend Joy is responsible for the AWESOME graphics and "look" of my blog!
What's even better is that she uses the software from Stampin Up! My Digital Software2 (MDS2)
How KEWL is that??

If this is something you are interested in checking out, NOW IS THE TIME!!
Follow the shop online link and test out the new MDS2 for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!!
It's available until the end of the month!!
PLUS...31% OFF some of the delicious digi packages and printing!! SWOON!!
What could be better?
Download yours today and link back the eyecandy you create for a chance to win some yummy loot!!
It's always more fun to create outside the lines!!
See you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!!

Good morning ladies!!
Two days in a row!!
Can I get a "WOOT WOOT!!"

Before I get to the pics from the open house, I thought I'd share a few pics from yesterday's class.
My mom, as many of you know, is a tremendous help to me with not only my girls, but she's also a great supporter and cheerleader for me! I certainly don't make it easy but I know she is always in my corner.

Well, she had sugery earlier this year and she really hasn't been quite herself since.
Did I mention that she also runs a daycare with very demanding little people?
I truly have NO IDEA where she gets the love and patience that she has for these kids...she loves them like they are her own! But everyone can use a break once in a while so I try to help by getting the kids together to do something that I can do with them that I enjoy,,,and hopefully they will too...
yep!! You guessed it...
SCRAPPING!! And not the kind they usually do with their younger siblings!!
No...the papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking! play! play!

While the little guys were sleeping, the girls and I created the cutest little upcycling mini album from toilet paper rolls!!
Their initial reaction was pretty much what you'd expect....eeeewwwwww!!!
But as soon as the paper, scissors, punches and glue came out, all thoughts were on "What ELSE can I add to my really KEWL project??!!"
Sadly I was having too much fun to remember to get many pics but I will share the few I got before the moms came to take them home! What a great afternoon!! Thanks Olivia, Sophie, Kylie, Maegs and Cate!!

Here are a couple pics of my mini album using the delicious floral district designer series papers from SU!

And here are a couple of the girls with their purses...
not sure which they were more excited about...
creating the purses or the gum that was inside!!

It amazes me what fearless creators little people are...
they are a great way to recharge those creative juices and get a little wild with your crafty supplies!
Missing your mojo lately?
Why not share some creative time and juices with some of the short people in your lives!!
And then share with us!
I'd love to see it!!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...guess you'll have to tune in and see!!
It's more fun to create outside of the lines!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello Stranger! (And yes...I AM talking to ME!!!) lol!!

My posts seem to have a very familiar ring to them...apologizing for not posting more often!
I DO love technology but I struggle...ALOT...with it! Please bear with me!!
I find that the things other people seem to be able to accomplish quickly on the computer seem to take me foreeeverrr!

However with that in mind, I have been challenged to post for seven CONSECUTIVE days...EEEKS!!
And I am ALWAYS game for a challenge!!

Now, I don't think I'll have a shortage of things to share with you...There is so much to catch you up on!
And for YOU to catch ME up on!!'s my challenge to you...I'll post more if y'all comment more!!
Sometimes when I post on my blog, I wonder if anyone is listening or if it's just like talking to my hubby and kids...LOL!!

I will start things off where I left off...
I would like to thank all of the wonderful ladies who came out to celebrate the season (and new mini!) with me! I am so blessed to have such wonderful supporters who come and fill the studio with their laughter, creativity and heart! I will be back to post some pics if I can figure out how to get them off my other computer and onto this one...yes...MORE technical issues!
But I'm up for the challenge....think I can figure it out??
Guess you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out....