Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary!! And a gift for you...

I can't believe that our wedding was 11 years ago...
It was such a beautiful much love and absolute chaos!! 
On the one hand it seems like yesterday and then on the seems like a lifetime ago!!! LOL!!
It's my anniversay and yet I have some great news for you...

Thanks to Stampin Up! you can make quick work of your summer memories!

They have extended the FREE trial of the MDS2 until September 15th as well as 31% off some of the most delicious digi designs!!!!
Download yours today and git er dun!!!

That's what I'm doing...
I'm making an album of our adventures on the East Coast from last summer...for starters...
And I have to say...
I am NOT a techie person so I know I am not even scratching the surface of what this badboy can do but I am LUVIN how easy it is to work and play with!! OMGOSH!!! LOVE!!!

I  am nowwhere near done...
I'm 20 pages in and still in the very early part of our two week holiday but I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to scrap our adventure in the traditional way!! I have spent a few hours this week digi scrapping poolside in between watching my kids do cannonballs into the pool and dodging waterfights...does it get any better than that??!! Gotta love those dogdays of summer...

Don't limit yourself to just doing your summer memories or a trip...
maybe do a heritage or baby album...maybe a sweet alphabet flipbook for your cute little tyke!!
There are TONS of different themes, papers, colours, stamps...just YUMMY!!
Be sure to check them out!!

Meanwhile...Happy anniversary Steve!!
I'm off to see if I can still fit into my wedding gown...veil!!
Create a beautiful day!!


  1. Really!!! Sept. 1st is your anniversary??
    It's our anniversary today too! and we have also been married for 11 years today. Shut the front door!!

    Happy Anniversary you two!

  2. I knew we had alot in common!! LOL!!
    Happy anniversary girlie!!
    Hope you two had an AWESOME day!!
    We sure did!!